Saturday, May 7, 2011


EthyleneTetrafluoroethylen (ETFE)

A Transparent or Translucent material Gradually Replacing Plastic and Glass in new and Innovative buildings, would be arriving in Nigeria Architecture this Year, 2011.
The Use of ETFE dates back to 20yrs Ago, It can be used in different parts of a building, such as Roofing, Windows, Atria, Lobbies etc.
ETFE is a modified copolymer which is manufactured and processed by the same methods associated with most thermoplastic polymers. some of its characteristics compare to Glass are

1- Its a Very Flexible material and is able to cope with large deformation beyond its elastic range prior to breakage unlike glass which is very brittle, it doesn't require double, triple glazing.
2- ETFE allows for 94-95% light without any special treatment unlike glass that allows for max of 95% of light with special treatment.
3- It can be treated in a number of ways just like glass to manipulate its transparency and radiation transmission characteristics.
4- The energy used in the production of ETFE is minimal and cheaper to produce than glass, it installation price is roughly half that used for the installation of glass roof.
5- ETFE is 1% the weight of Glass(of equal Area)
6- Its got a non sticky surface that doesn't attract dirt, making it have a cleaning frequency of over 5yrs unlike glass.
6- ETFE acts as a good sound absorber, enhancing the internally perceived environment which is a problem with glass.

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  1. hi i'm doing some researches on this material. my thesis is about this... can i ask you architect/s name and building name of the 5 photos you linked here?

    i've recognized only the watercube and the basil's stadium. you can e_mail me at thx